Virtual shareholder registry

Tokenize your company shares and get an all-automated shareholder registry, with complete security. Benefit from a decentralized ledger and get access to investors from all over the world – everything audited based on your countries local laws.

Why choose Stockify?


The Stockify solution is built on top of local legislation, which makes it compatible to businesses from all over the world.

Better access to investors

The Stockify solution connect potential shareholders and companies, and gives them a platform where they interact and manage their shares.

Full overview

The Stockify solution gives a complete overview of companies, personal shares and share issuing, both for companies, shareholders and investors.

Building a New ERC20 Token Standard Meeting ‘Aksjeloven’

Blockchain offers a lot of advantages when it comes to company shares, both for the company and their investors. It brings the possibility of an all-automated shareholder registry that is completely transparent and secure. Also, it gives companies global access to...

Why is shares on a Blockchain a good idea?

In Norway we have a service called VPS, this is the traditional way to have your shares in a central registry while not actually being listed on a Stock Exchange. There are many other similar services out there that handle the listing of your shares easily, so why are...

2019 launch!

The Stockify solution is planning the launch in Q4 2019. This launch will be limited to Norwegian companies, but investors from the entire Europe are welcome to join!


What are we? 

We are a technical partner that makes it easier for companies to issue new shares, present their company, handle the actual processes involved and enable a higher level of trust between shareholders and the company issuing shares.

What are we not? 

We do not offer financial advice regarding investments, brokers or any other financial institutions. Stockify is solely a platform that gives benefits to companies and investors, by using the blockchain technology.


Stockify Process

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